"I have known and trained with Mr. McBryde since the Fall of 2008. During this time, his effective and influential training methods have helped me to revolutionize my concepts of fighting and training in many positive ways. To this day, I am not only an avid supporter of Emmanuel McBryde’s brand but I fully stand behind his experience because of the positive and highly effective influence it has had on my journey as a whole. A Karate Nerd in Japan is the in-depth, Martial Arts well of knowledge we’ve been waiting for."
"I’ve known Manny since college. From the beginning he had the heart of a coach, always striving to improve himself and his students. Over the past decade he’s done nothing but improve his technique and deeply refined his coaching style. It was a joy to reunite on his AKNJ podcast and I’m happy to see him continue to grow as a marital artist, podcaster, and person."
"Manny is amazing. You can see his wide range of skills in all of his stances, classes and sessions. I’ve trained with him for a couple of years and his love and dedication to all martial arts can be seen from a mile away. He’s very knowledgable and very in tune with the mechanics needed for different art styles. If you’re dropping your hands in a punch, or not moving your hips efficiently, he’s able to spot it and give tips on how to solve these problems. He’s helped improve my martial arts skilled immensely and really inspired my love for Muay Thai, BJJ and many other arts. Manny has always been a pleasure to work with, I fully support Manny in his journey. AKNJ is where he shares his wealth of knowledge and brings you amazing Martial Artists from all over the world."
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